Canadian promotions on Casino Classic

Casino Classic offers many bonuses to players; one of them is a registration bonus possible to find in any online casino, only the amount changes from site to site. For players in Canada coming to Casino Classic looking for something different than what you can find at home, you will not be disappointed.

Casino Classic gives you a free $500 bonus, with which you can play in all the casino games on the site during a fixed trial period. But to enjoy the bonus, you have to abide by several rules:

1) First, download the program, install it and then register as a real player.
2) The moment you begin playing, you get 60 minutes.
3) You have to bet no less than 20 times to later transfer your earnings to your real account.
4) Make sure to play in all the casino games and not focus on just one (online poker, for example).
5) Only by earning over the bonus you received can you declare your winnings, and only after depositing at least $20 into your real account.

Casino classic also lets players make money by bringing a friend in the casino; for any friend you bring you get a nice sum of money in accordance with the level. There are 3 levels:

Level 1- you can make $1,000 for every friend you bring.
Level 2- you can make $300 for every friend you bring.
Level 3- you can make $100 for every friend you bring.

Lastly, if you play regularly on the site, you are welcome to register in the Casino Classic’s loyalty program and become a member of the V.I.P’s club for players. The moment you come in as a V.I.P, you receive loyalty points. 100 points equal one dollar in chips. The more you play the more rewards you get and when getting to 1000 points, you may withdraw them at any time.

About Canadian Casino Classic

Casino Classic is one of the most attractive and best online casino sites for Canadians on the internet. It is not by chance that it won many awards throughout the years. This online casino is the best and has the most efficient service. Casino Classic is undoubtedly a very respectable and reliable online casino, especially for players in Canada.

For 10 years Casino Classic has been providing players with the most fun casino games on the internet; all in a secure gambling environment.

In addition, it is operated by one of the leading casino programs on the market today, offers a great customer service and generous bonuses allowing gamblers to play with enjoyment and security.

Casino Classic gives Canadians who don’t want to travel abroad a chance to earn big from home, with more than 353 Las Vegas-style casino games. With a couple of mouse clicks you are immediately redirected to the online casino room where you will find a wide range of games, such as: Blackjack, Roulette, slot machines, Keno, Craps and video poker.

At the same time, you never have to bet big in online casinos – their betting ranges are meant to fit each individual player, so you can always be on top and in control of your funds.

Use the $500 bonus given to for free by Casino Classic to play the online casino and try to earn as much as possible within the time given to you. With a 97% payment average, the odds are in your favor.

Don’t miss out on the Casino Classic’s game experience; you will be the only one sorry for not trying.